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HUMOR: Mrs. Dunn to write romance novel with Twilight author Stephenie Meyer

Hannah Stewart

January 13, 2011

By Hannah Stewart, '12, A&E Editor Mrs. Pat Dunn, the English Department Chair at Cincinnati Country Day School, is collaborating on a supernatural series with Stephenie Meyer, the famed author of the books in the Twilight Saga. Th...

HUMOR: Upper School Faculty stuck in Chilean mine

Cody Pomeranz

November 12, 2010

By Cody Pomeranz '11, Co-Editor-in-Chief Patricia Dunn: Merle! We get it, OK! You finally have the chance to actually feel like a Prisoner. Stop quoting lines from Patrick McGoohan. Merle Black: Well, you know what Pat, we mig...

HUMOR: Alternate careers for Upper School faculty

Claire Heinichen

October 28, 2010

HUMOR: Caption Contest!

Claire Heinichen

October 12, 2010

By Claire Heinichen '11, Lighter Fare Section Editor What do you think is going on this picture? Submit your best caption for it and a winner will be chosen to enjoy eternal glory! Photo courtesy of Ilana Habib. She's Awesome....

HUMOR: What NOT to do while college visiting

Claire Heinichen

October 12, 2010

By Claire Heinichen '11, Lighter Fare Section Editor, Laura Heinichen '95, Alum Contributor, and Katie Heinichen '97, Alum Contributor October of Senior Year. A terribly stressful time of life for every member of the 12th grade,...

CARTOON by Victoria Paff

Claire Heinichen

September 29, 2010


HUMOR: Fads that never caught on

Claire Heinichen

September 10, 2010

By Claire Heinichen '11, Lighter Fare Section Editor So at some point along the line, everyone has fallen victim to terrible trends and embarrassing fads, from Beanie Babies to Silly Bands, Razor Scooters, Baseball Cards, Uggs,...

HUMOR: Try your hand at Movie opposites!

Claire Heinichen

August 30, 2010

By Claire Heinichen, '11, Lighter Fare Section Editor Every once in a while, while reading through the many fabulous articles on The Scroll, you are bound to feel a little restless, and in need of some neurological boosting....

HUMOR: Top ten rejected senior superlatives

Claire Heinichen

May 31, 2010

By Xanni Brown, '10, Former Lighter Fare Section Editor 10. Most annoying couple 9. Least likely to ever be taken seriously 8. Most likely to be arrested 7. Worst-suited for any sort of a life beyond high school 6. Most likely...

HUMOR: Operation Spring Snow Day

Claire Heinichen

April 28, 2010

By Holly Dayton, '13, Contributor With ten garbage bags of fake snow, white paint, and duct tape behind me, I was ready to make my move. This was going to be good. It was Sunday, 10:21:31 Post Meridian Eastern Standard Time (I’d...

CARTOON by Jessup Smith

Xanni Brown

April 13, 2010


CARTOON by John Robinson

Xanni Brown

March 11, 2010

By John Robinson, '10...