HUMOR: Seven ways to procrastinate

Amanda Young

By Claire Heinichen ’11, Lighter Fare Editor

As a second semester senior, I find myself never wanting to do much of anything school related. This includes physics problem sets, calculus homework, and most importantly, writing Scroll articles. While I may no longer seek to overachieve in all of my subjects, I can’t exactly hide from approaching deadlines and stacks of homework, so instead, I put them off. I am a master procrastinator, which is truly a lost art. So in the event that you are like me, and seek any excuse not to do school work, here is a list of my top 7 favorite ways to not get anything done. (“Why 7?” you might ask, well 5 is too short and I’m way too lazy to come up with 10.) Enjoy!

1. – Never gets old. Particularly really late at night during exam week. Kill two hours easily.

2. – “Dear Student, I know when you’re texting. Sincerely, No one looks down at their crotch and smiles.” Enough said.

3.       Asking Amanda Young ’11 to show me all of her different facial expressions

4. – Classic.

5. – Mild amusement. Lukewarm funniness.

6. – Amazing. I highly recommend “Harry Potter Top 200” and “Pixar Movies.”

7. – FML got old.

Photos courtesy of the above sites and Claire Heinichen ’11, Lighter Fare Editor