Mrs. Ward Retires After 17 Years


Ali Zimmerman, Contributor '26


At Cincinnati Country Day School, we have many amazing members of the faculty and staff. Unfortunately though, that means some of them retire every year. This year, Ashley Ward will be retiring after 17 years at CCD. Please stop by her office if you can and wish her well.

Interviewer: “How long have you been working at Country Day?”

Mrs. Ward: “17 years ago the head of the school’s wife told me his assistant had taken an extended leave. I volunteered to help him, and he asked me to come back, and come back again. One day, he asked me, you know, “do you want this job?” At first, I said no since I was already working part time, but then I said, “Let me think about it.” So I slept and I came back the next day and said I would give it a try. Who knew I’d love it so much.”

Interviewer: “What has been your favorite part of the job?”

Mrs. Ward: “The students. Without a doubt. They amaze me and it’s inspiring to be around them since they exude much hope and joy. They’re endlessly fascinating, so talented, and kind. I’m impressed with all our students do, how they help others, and how they grow into impressive young adults. It’s a privilege to watch all the greatness that goes on. There is a bright, bright future for this world.”

Interviewer: “Are there any funny stories you have that happened at work?”

Mrs. Ward: “Really, there are more dear moments, but working with Mr. Zimmerman is terrific because he has such a clever sense of humor. There have been students who are stand-up comedians and many witty teachers. Thinking of a specific moment is hard; I laugh every day. I don’t know if I’m not supposed to bring this up, but the time that a mouse fell from the rafters. It

was at lunch, and it fell onto a table with 4th graders. All the teachers were so freaked out, but the students thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Interviewer: “Will you return to the school for anything?”

Mrs. Ward: “Oh, absolutely. I hope to still be involved. I’ve already been asked to volunteer for something next year and I am thrilled to still be in the community. It’s so special. It’s not something you can leave behind.”

Interviewer: “Is there any advice you have for the students here, or your successor?”

Mrs. Ward: “I think students have much to offer and we, as faculty and staff, can learn from them as they can learn from us. It’s important to remember how much they can teach us.”

Mrs. Ward left me with such kind and selfless parting message. “I’d just like to express my heartfelt thanks. It’s a privilege to be a small part of our students’ lives. It doesn’t get any better than this. They always say to leave the campsite better than you found it. I hope I leave CCDS a little better than I found it, because it has left me better than when I came. I’m so grateful.”

For many, it is sad to see her go, however, I hope we can celebrate all Mrs. Ward has done for our school and wish her well on any coming endeavors.