Mrs. Langenbahn Retires After 31 Years

Mrs. Langenbahn Retires After 31 Years

Brina Crellin, Co-Editor-in-Chief '25

Out of the teachers and staff retiring this year, Mrs. Langenbahn is among them. Being a part of the Country Day community for 31, Mrs. Langenbahn had only good things to say about it: “Country Day has been my second family. I get hired out of college and Country Day helped raise my family. So, to me, my favorite memories are watching my own kids going through the school and becoming great people thanks to all the other teachers here at the school.”

She started teaching social studies and math to 5th and 6th grade students when first hired, but after Mr. Brandt joined the community, she taught only social studies. Now, she does teach two math classes again. Alongside teaching, she is a 5th grade advisor (I was in her advisory during my 5th grade year). Mrs. Langenbahn also had something to say about teaching 5th and 6th graders specifically: “You know, the beauty of teaching 5th and 6th graders is that they’re so fun at that age. They still love to learn, and they can be so witty. I love that there’s this passion to learn. As long as they’re excited, you’re excited.”

Mrs. Langenbahn had only good things to say about the people here at Country Day. She says that the thing she will miss most is the people here, the students and faculty alike. She is excited to still be able to connect with the students and the faculty in the future, but it will not be the same as “seeing them day to day.” When asked if she would ever be coming back to the school, she said this:

“Absolutely. That’s the beauty when you leave on a good term, when you decide, the door’s always open. I can’t wait to do that, like volunteer at the Middle School track meet. There’s no reason for me not to. I don’t know if I’ll sub, but if somebody wants me to come in and do puzzles or something, absolutely.”

Mrs. Langenbahn will always be welcome at Country Day, and we will miss her greatly. She is an amazing teacher and a wonderful advisor. I can remember so many stories about being in her class and advisory, but the one I think most people will enjoy is the reminder of “3:14.” Please make sure to wish Mrs. Langenbahn on her next step in life and tell her thank you for all she has done for our school.