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HUMOR: A real CCDS curriculum guide, written by students for students

Holly Dayton

April 23, 2012

Compiled by Holly Dayton ’13. Written by Holly Dayton '13, Lens Section Editor; Caroline Gentile ’13, News Section Editor; Annie Nesbitt ’13, Arts and Entertainment Section Editor; Shashank Jejerikar ’13, Co...

HUMOR: Upper School students terrified by faculty

Haleigh Miller

November 11, 2011

By Nicky Niedermeier '12, LighterFare Section Editor The students of the Upper School are regarded for their exceptional academic performances. What motivates our peers? Terror. Pure, unadulterated fear of the cast of charac...

A (first) day in the life of an average CCDS student

Haleigh Miller

September 7, 2011

By Nicky Niedermeier '12, LighterFare Section Editor 7:45 AM—You wake up suddenly after realizing you have hit the snooze button three times. 8:05 AM—You finally get to CCD. You wait five minutes to finally be waved through...

HUMOR: Seven ways to procrastinate

Amanda Young

January 28, 2011

By Claire Heinichen '11, Lighter Fare Editor As a second semester senior, I find myself never wanting to do much of anything school related. This includes physics problem sets, calculus homework, and most importantly, writing...

HUMOR: Best local magazines, newspapers

Xanni Brown

February 8, 2010

By Xanni Brown, ’10, Lighter Fare Section Editor After an intense round of discussions, the rankings are in (albeit totally subjective).  The Scroll’s editorial staff has compiled a list of the top 15 magazines and news...

HUMOR: Top 10 reasons to come to CCDS

Xanni Brown

January 27, 2010

By Joey Fritz, '10, Contributor Trying to decide where to send your high school-age children?  Concerned about their future?  Now you don't have to be.  Just send them to The Cincinnati Country Day School and we'll take them...

HUMOR: Aliens briefly invade school

Xanni Brown

December 2, 2009

By Xanni Brown, '10, Lighter Fare Editor I know that the school is trying to keep this story quiet, but I’m a journalist, and I feel compelled to bring you this news, no matter how unsettling it is. Last week, while all the ...

HUMOR: Top 10 excuses for not having your homework

Xanni Brown

October 26, 2009

By Xanni Brown, '10, Lighter Fare Section Editor; and Allison Lazarus, '10, Perspectives Section Editor. Pressed for time?  Forget an assignment?  Not to worry!  No teacher can resist these time-tested excuses. Your locker jamm...

HUMOR: Random student disappearances confound Rangers

Xanni Brown

September 15, 2009

By Kevin Baxter, ’10, Lighter Fare Columnist The number of missing children in Cincinnati has risen dramatically in the past few weeks.  The focal point of these numerous disappearances seems to be CCDS in Indian Hill, and...