HUMOR: Best local magazines, newspapers

Xanni Brown

By Xanni Brown, ’10, Lighter Fare Section Editor

After an intense round of discussions, the rankings are in (albeit totally subjective).  The Scroll’s editorial staff has compiled a list of the top 15 magazines and newspapers published in the greater Cincinnati area.  It was a close contest, especially for those few top spots.  We’d like to stress that, while these publications are very good in a number of ways, they are not the only good publications out there.  That being said, we encourage our readers to use this article as a cheat sheet to figure out which magazines and newspapers are right for them.  Without further ado, the following are 15 local publications that are doing almost everything right:

  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer Weekend Magazine
  2. CityBeat
  3. CinciPulse
  4. CinWeekly
  5. InWords
  6. The News Record (University of Cincinnati)
  7. Spanish Journal: La Jornada Latina
  8. The Xavier Newswire (Xavier University)
  9. The Kentucky Post
  10. The Catholic Telegraph
  11. The Batesville Herald-Tribune
  12. The Greater Cincinnati GLBT News
  13. The Dearborn County Register
  14. The Messenger (official newspaper of the Diocese of Covington)
  15. Those pamphlets about the coming apocalypse that the crazy man on the corner of Fifth and Vine passes out