Club Profiles

Ali Zimmerman, News Editor '26

We have about 30 student-led clubs this semester in CCDS’ Upper School. No one could join all of those clubs, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn about what they do. I interviewed a few club leaders and faculty advisors in order to get a taste of what they’re like.

Interviewer: “What is the goal of the Christian Sports Organization this year?”

Student Leader, Shepard Snell: “The goal for the CSO this year is to allow Christian athletes a place where they can learn about their religion and be able to implement lessons from the Bible into their everyday life.”

Interviewer: “What do you hope students participating in Academic Team take away from their experience?”

Faculty Advisor, Dr. Hecker: “I think they really enjoy the buzzer system. It is so satisfying to buzz in on a question and it’s even better if your answer is right. The best is when a hard question sparks an interest to research the answer and learn something new.”

Interviewer: “How many people are involved with the API Cultural Society this year?”

Student Leader, Katie Wang: “Well, the best projects start small, I guess. There are about three people in this club, but hopefully we can expand.”

Interviewer: “What’s one thing you’re excited for involving Magnified Giving this year?”

Faculty Advisor, Mrs. Gunn: “I am excited to help nurture the desire to help those in need, especially in the Greater Cincinnati area. I am passionate about helping those who are less fortunate. Through the Service Club and Magnified Giving program, students will be exposed to a variety of organizations they may know nothing about. We all can put our virtue into action!”

Hopefully we can keep these strong clubs going for many years to come. They are a great way to get to know other people in your community that may have similar interests or goals. For people wishing to start their own club, think about it this semester. Next semester will be open to new ones!