Todd Witt: The CFO of Country Day

Todd Witt: The CFO of Country Day

Ali Zimmerman, News Editor '26

A little over a month ago, the Upper School held a Jeopardy-style blue and white event. While the students showcased some of their random knowledge, the lack of responses to one question struck me. Despite knowing about the Battle of Fort Sumter or being able to (somewhat) decode Mr. Black’s handwriting, not one student could name someone that worked in the business office at Country Day. I remembered someone telling me about Mr. Witt a while back and just how cool he was. I decided to investigate for myself and was not disappointed. Today, I’d like to share his story with the whole community. There are many people that work tirelessly behind the scenes every day to make sure the students at CCD have the best experience possible, but they don’t get the recognition they deserve. Hopefully, everyone can take a moment to stop and appreciate those people today.

Interviewer: “What is your job here at CCD and what does that intel?”

Mr. Witt: “I’m the Chief Financial Officer. I’m essentially in charge of the business office which is responsible for the financial business of the school. We run all the student billing and the payroll for the faculty goes through here. We deal with all the receipts too. Cash receipts especially. When bake sales happen, the money goes directly to us to count. We’re in charge of the money each club has too. We deal with things like the health and retirement benefits.”

Interviewer: “Outside of work, are there any special hobbies or activities you enjoy?”

Mr. Witt: “I play drums and have for a long time. I love it and it’s really great to do because it’s something you can do all your life. Some people bring work home with them and it’s with them when they’re away, but for me, I go home and I have band practice, or I have a gig. It means I’m focused on something else. I’ve also gotten to travel and meet and play with great artists like Michael Horrigan.” * Side note: He’s a really great drummer! So impressive. *

Interviewer: “Is there any aspect of your personal life that shines through when you’re at work?”

Mr. Witt: “My personal philosophy is the integrity of finances. And just being careful with sources. Maybe that’s just my personality. Maybe it put me in this position.”

Interviewer: “Is there anything you’d like to tell the CCD community about yourself?”

Mr. Witt: “I think it’s just that, the people at the business office have been here for at least 20 years. We’re kind of behind the scenes, I know that, but everyone gets a little joy from knowing that they’re enhancing student’s time at country day and we’re providing that framework.”

In the coming while I aim to also speak with people like Anne Bonn, Sher Lathrop, and Tammie Nelson who work alongside Mr. Witt in the business office. If you find yourself in the Upper School Library, walk the extra few steps to say hello to Mr. Witt at the third office on the righthand side. Take today and let someone know how much you appreciate them. Without people like Mr. Witt, the Country Day community wouldn’t be the same.