The Importance of Latinx Heritage Month at CCDS


Jasmine Machmouchi and Shiva Shyam

September 15th marks the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, and, to celebrate this event, a bake sale was held last Friday by sophomore Vic Quintero in collaboration with the EDI council. Both Vic and sophomore Alessandra Garcia-Altuve helped bring in various Latin and Hispanic snacks, like dulce de leche. Some of the items sold can be nearly impossible to find here. “I really wanted to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month in a different way,” says Vic. “I’ve never really seen this month being commemorated at this school, or even at my old school.” After doing a lot of research, Vic had decided that all profits from the bake sale should go to Su Casa: a non-profit that provides case management, family reunification, educational, health promotion, and social services to Greater Cincinnati’s Hispanic/Latinx community. Their mission is to assist the impoverished immigrant population in becoming self-sufficient. Su Casa aims to aid those who come to America in search of a better life for themselves and their families. Furthermore, Su Casa works to connect Latinx and Hispanic people in order to foster a sense of community. This organization provides school-based tutoring, case management for victims of human trafficking, employment referrals, and more. In addition, they have numerous volunteer opportunities on their webpage, along with moving success stories. Vic’s commitment to celebrate the Hispanic community led to over three hundred dollars being raised to donate to the cause! Vic also plans to hold another bake sale closer to the end of the month.

It is important to CCDS’ community to acknowledge and celebrate all our cultures and origins. September 15th is the day in which of Latinx Heritage Month begins, an annual celebration in which we celebrate the community and their heavy influence and contribution to our country and our school’s community. This national celebration begun in the year 1968 but was celebrated over the course of just one week; However, it was declared by President George H.W. Bush in September 1989 that the celebration shall last an entire month. This is more than just one singular celebration, but rather to highlight this community’s resilience, effort, and achievements.