The Scroll 2021-22

Margaret Sprigg-Dudley, Editor-in-Chief '22

It’s another year for The Scroll! This year we have new student leadership and new opportunities for people to get involved.

Mr. Tracy-Miller continues to be the faculty advisor, while the new editor-in-chief is senior Margaret Sprigg-Dudley. We also have a new line up of section editors:

News Editors: Jade Abu Bakr ’22 & Nick Watts ’23

Arts & Entertainment Editor: Oliver Folan ’22

Perspectives Editor: Kirstin Hayes ’22

Lighter Fare Editor: Christian Fitzpatrick ’22

Sports Editor: Charlize Rust ’24

Interested in being part of The Scroll? There’s something for everyone, including a variety of positions that require no writing. Social media, website layout, paper design, video editors, advertising manager and more.

In addition to back end positions, you can also contribute to an issue itself. This year The Scroll is planning to expand it’s media – we’re looking for articles in a variety of different formats including writing, photography, audio, and video. Both experienced and new creators are welcome!

The Scroll is a place that both reports on the school community, and allows students to apply their skills. We hope to see you engaged with it some form or another this year!