The Coffee Cart Returns


Laura Rodzen, Contributor, '22

We are all excited for the coffee cart to be open again – this year we can find it in the corner of the cafeteria. To let you find out more, here is an interview with Margaret Sprigg-Dudley, the person behind the coffee cart.

When is the coffee cart open?

Both the coffee cart and the snack bar are open on Wednesday and Friday in the morning. The snack bar is also open during the day on Friday and sometimes during A bell on Wednesday.


What is your biggest hope opening the coffee cart this year?

I’m really hoping that this year we pay off the loan we took out – one year early even with being shut down for most of this year and the end of last year. More than that though, being open this year is good prep for next year. Opening the cart after so long takes a lot of work: training baristas, setting up the machines, reminding ourselves of the process. By being open fourth quarter we can pick it up with more ease next year.


Is there anything new about the coffee cart this year? If so, what is it?

Just as businesses have had to adapt to COVID, so too have we. The biggest difference is location: before we were right outside the exit of the kitchen, now we’re on the lower level. The cart has always been very conscious of health code, so most of our policies haven’t changed, but working with a mask is for sure different and customer policy has changed slightly. We have to make sure that customers aren’t staying by the cart after they get their drink, and they they’re socially distancing while waiting. We also moved the machines around. In previous years we took orders and made the drinks at the cart. This year we moved the spot where we’re taking drinks to a table nearby and spread out the machines. This way, our baristas can distance as well.


What were the biggest challenges in terms of opening the coffee cart during the global pandemic?

With the pandemic we have to be a lot more conscious of distancing, masking, and making sure people stay safe. The hardest part was figuring out where we wanted to put everything and how the operations would look – we had to do it differently from last year. In addition, in the past a lot of people would hang out in the dinning terrace; it was really easy just to pick up a drink. This year, a person has to go out of their way to get a drink. Marketing is different this year because the costumers aren’t right there.


What do you enjoy the most about being responsible about it?

I love seeing the inner workings of the cart and being able to give input every step of the way, but my favorite part of being in charge is really getting to see and help new leaders grow. I started at the business club my Freshman year before we even had a structure or any idea what we were doing. Though the club was only 5 or 6 people at that point, I barely said a word. However, over time both because of the opportunities given to me by the club and my own personal growth, I learned how to be a leader and make a place for myself. I want to be the kind of leader that gives other people that opportunity, which is why I try to make a lot of different positions (team leaders, shift managers, etc.). It’s a lot of fun to manage things right now, but what really matters is my legacy.


I really hope you enjoy having the coffee cart in our school – see you there!