Quiz: Are You Addicted to Candy Crush Saga?


Elizabeth Miller

By Elizabeth Miller ’15, Co Editor-in-Chief


Tally up your points to find out your results!


How many levels have you passed?

Under 20: 1 point

Under 35: 2 points

Under 65: 3 points

You don’t want to even think about it: 5 points


Have you gone back to replay past levels in order to get three stars?

Never: 0 points

A few times: 1 point

Yes: 3 points


How do you pass the obstacle to get to your next episode?

Ask a few friends or do a quest: 0 points

Send requests to all your Facebook friends: 1 point

Pay for it: 2 points


How much time do you spend playing Candy Crush?

Almost never: 0 points

A few times a day: 1 point

It’s how you spend every free moment: 2 points

You don’t have time to get all of your homework done: 3 points


Who do you spend more time with?

Your family: 0 points

Candy Crush: 2 points

An equal amount: 1 point


Do you get in arguments with your friends about the best way to tackle a difficult level?

No: 0 points

That happened once: 1 point

Yes: 3 points


How many episodes are you the Champion of?

None: 0 points

One or two: 1 point

Three or more: 2 points



How many points did you get?


If you had 7 or fewer points:

You are a

perfectly normal person who uses Candy Crush Saga as a quick source of fun. Nothing to worry about here!

If you between 8 and 13 points:

Be careful: you are in danger of being sucked into the black hole of addiction to an internet game. Manage your time well and resist the temptation!

If you had 14 or more points:

Please seek medical help. You have become seriously addicted to a game that involves switching the places of different candies to make matches, and that is a slight issue.


Photo credits: play.google.com/store