Ali Zimmerman, News' Editor '26

During the day, they go away.

In the light, they cannot stay.

But you can still feel them lurking from the shadows.


When you’re alone, they spy.

Before spotted, they fly.

No one else seems to see them.


So, no one believes you.

That these demons can see you.

And you start to go insane.


A-a-are they in your h-h-h-head?

Wil you end up d-d-dead?

Will the walls start spinning, looking purple and blue?


When the lights go off at night,

you just sit there in fright.

Will the shadows come out to play?


“It’s just voices,” they say.

But they won’t go away,

and people have started to think you’re insane.


No one understands.

They say it’s just in your head.

But sometimes, it’s scarier that way.