CCD’S Tick Tick Boom Production


Ayla Daoud, Contributor '26

Last weekend, when I went to start on my homework, I realized I’d forgotten my computer charger in my locker. (Oh no!) Not wanting to disappoint my teachers on Monday by trying to rationalize my missing school work, I headed to CCDS to see if I could get into the upper school to retrieve my adaptor. The main doors were as locked Ft. Knox. But I saw some activity down by the shipping doors beneath the cafeteria and took the opportunity to get into the building.

What started out as a stealthy mission to grab the charger turned into a mesmerizing experience. I happened upon Mr. Rose’s cast as they were spending Saturday evening rehearsing for the musical Tick Tick Boom! which runs Feb. 23 to Feb. 25.

This musical is one that you don’t want to miss.

In addition to the cast and crew investing so much time in preparing for the upcoming performance, I must tell you that the music is incredible. I reached out to two of the cast members to get a feel for how our classmates–Luisa Joy and Joey Mieher–are feeling as we get closer and closer to showtime.

What is your favorite scene in the musical?

Louisa: There are so many incredible moments. . .[one of my favorites] is the scene that involves the song “Therapy.”

I perform this scene from one of the platforms on the side of the stage and it took me some time to get used to (since it’s pretty high up). It’s an amazing song that follows the quickly escalating phone fight between Jon and Susan (my character).

Joey: My favorite scene is the final birthday scene.

Since I know you are juggling so much as you prepare for this production, I am wondering where you get your energy. Do you have a go-to when it comes to caffeinated drinks? What sustains you?

Louisa: I’m not really a caffeine drinker, but my go-to caffeinated beverages would have to be green tea, chai tea, or Dr. Pepper. If I’m low on energy, I honestly just pump music.

I also have a minor addition to Sour Patch Kids and drink a lot of Blackberry Izze Sparkling Juice.

Joey: I don’t have a go-to energy drink. I like pizza, though!

Do you have any musical idols?

Louisa: Taylor Swift—her songwriting is amazing. Rachel Bloom—the comedian and songwriter behind Crazy ExGirlfriend. And Lizzo, whose music is one of the most uplifting things to grace this planet. I love her energy and her positivity.

Joey: Jonathan Larsen—the author of our autobiographical musical, Tick, Tick Boom!

I am so excited to see the cast (and enjoy the work of the crew) at the upcoming show. Mr. Rose is working with an incredibly creative team and the show is going to be incredible.

From what I understand about the musical, the plot has just the right message for those of us feeling the pressures of growing up, making important choices, and pursuing our dreams—even if the dream is not the one others may want for you. Please turn out to show your support. Get your tickets now as the time is going so fast like “Tick, Tick. . .BOOM!”