Silent the Night Goes (Scholastic Winner)

Ryann Tennyson, Contributor '27

you look outside and see nature,

but i see much more than that.

the glowing stars like fireflies

that smell of the glowing oak tree


i hear the sound of the flowers blooming.

i see the colors of the birds,

as they fly like a kite on a hot summer day.

as graceful as clara and the nutcracker.

watching the bird fly into the crisp pine.


the flowers bloom brighter than the night sky.

fruits peeking out ready to be washed

by natures showers.

the sun fading away among the fluffy clouds.

crickets chirping among the others


not a soul complaining

as peace falls over the world

the bear already sleeping

and the caterpillar retreating from its leaves.

silent the night goes.