Group classes can help you stay in shape and keep you stress-free

Alex Lento

By Tonya Grieb, ’10, Writer

As the school year begins it can be difficult to get used to new schedules and not sleeping in until 3:00 in the afternoon. It’s hard to get up so early, go to school all day, have sports, and then be trampled on by homework in the evenings. With all these things going on in, life can be stressful and you may want to indulge in three cartons of Ben and Jerry’s and a large Dewey’s Pizza at night, but resist the temptation—I speak from personal experience! Overeating because of stress will only make you feel worse the next day. It’s essential to remember your heath and fitness even when you have a zillion things going on and times are stressful. There are many local gyms that offer classes that I have been testing out.

YogahOMe has many locations and offers a verity of classes. My personal favorite is hot yoga because you sweat out all the bad toxins in your body while still toning your muscles and increasing flexibility. This class is relaxing and great if you’re stressed out from all your school work. They offer Sunday evening classes which are a great way to help you start your week strong and stress-free. Remember, “The better the start, the stronger the finish!”

Tri-Health offers many classes for all different types of people. Their spinning classes are fantastic if you enjoy biking. On a good day, you might run into seniors Meredith Hritz or Kate Flexter while attending one of these classes. If don’t mind being embarrassed and are in the mood for a dance class, then Move and Groove is the perfect class for you! You also might want to bring your grandma, because you might be the only person there under 70, but at least you will look like you’re in fabulous shape in comparison to the other people in the class!

Fit Tip Of the Week: Studies have shown that those who sleep under eight hours a night have a 45% higher chance of being obese, so get some sleep!

Exercise Tip of the Week: If you’re a runner, try Redbird Hollow. Soon, the trees will be changing colors and a wooded trail would make for some great scenery. Trailheads are located at the bottom of Given Road and behind the baseball diamonds at Stephan Field.