Why Trump Isn’t the Next Hitler


John Joy

By John Joy ’18, Tech Desk Editor

          I’ve tried to talk to everything that breathes, and some things that don’t, about the results of this election. I’ve had scholarly debates in the YouTube comment section about each candidate’s stance on the key issue of “your mom” and even watched CSPAN 2, the network for everything that isn’t good enough for CSPAN 1, to figure out what to make of this election. And while I can’t believe I’m saying this in a school that’s literally known for its blue colors: I’m excited for a Trump presidency. While I understand that by saying that sentence alone, 67% of the student body has already labeled me a racist xenophobic white supremacist who has framed picture of Putin on his desk, let me explain why Trump isn’t the next Hitler.  

Here are some common things people seem to forget about Trump

         Trump is pro LGBT rights

         Trump just wants strong US-Russian relations, and doesn’t have a password protected Putin folder on his phone

         Trump doesn’t support his supporters attacking minorities

          Trump intends to lower the pointlessly high taxes on small businesses. While 35% of income might not seem like a massive figure to some, it’s a crippling amount to most sub million-dollar business. And this isn’t some figure I’m making up. I’m involved in finances and accounting at a small business, and have seen crucial financial resources that pay people salaries, help them provide better healthcare, and allow for much needed expansion diverted towards the annual $18 billion gift given to the brilliant use of taxpayer dollars that is the United States Postal Service. (I’m not too fond of the USPS). Trump’s new tax plan has a flat 10% business tax alongside an overseas profit holding tax, and if it manages to make its way through Congress without gaining more than 5 or 6% offers a huge amount of potential for small business owners. Having 20% of income freed could allow my workplace to give every employee a substantial pay raise, hire multiple new workers and operate with a significantly increased profit margin, although it will realistically be spent on $35K music carts (check us out http://www.coolesttoysonearth.com/). This lowered tax will not only mean better store financials, but a lowered personal income tax will allow most Americans a substantial tax decrease; money that could go towards charity, college funds, reinvested in the economy, or a $16K rocking horse (shameless plug #2). The point is, more money is now in control of those who earned it, and can’t be towards pointless wars, bailouts of failed companies, or postal so called “delivery” services.

           Another exciting prospect of a Trump presidency is the beginning of new Eastern Bloc diplomatic relations. More specifically, finally fixing the mess that is U.S.-Russo economic collaboration. While not on good terms, the U.S. and Russia weren’t trying to sanction each other to death throughout most of the Obama administration, until a collation of Pro-Russian non-state actors started to cause civil unrest in the Crimean Peninsula. These rebels claimed to support an Oppressed Russian minority, who garnered enough support for an official referendum, which had 96.77% in favour of joining Russia. Ukraine refused to recognize the referendum, and Russia sent their military into the region to assist the rebels, although Russia claimed the military personnel were just “on vacation”.  After that, the UN got together and used their hammer of international justice to its fullest extent in the form of United Nations General Assembly Resolution 68/262, a strongly worded letter telling Russia to get out of Ukraine. From there, the United States sanctioned Russia and refused to help resolve the situation in Crimea, hoping the sanctions would get Russia out. The US has refused to negotiate anything other than a blind surrender with Russia since, and has caused US-Russia relations to drop to an all time low since the fall of the Iron Curtain. Trump doesn’t want to blindly appease Russia, rather, he wants to open negotiations and reach a middle ground the Obama administration has refused to seek, both within and outside of the nation’s borders.

         In short, Trump may not be the president everyone wanted, but he isn’t the “end of the free world” that so many make him out to be. In fact, he may very well surprise us with lower taxes, new foreign policy, and a fresh set of eyes on the union. A vocal minority has taken to the streets in protest of the results of this election, the same minority that claimed it would be “immature” of Trump to contest the election. These protesters need to understand that there is a divide the nation has never seen before, and all they are achieving in these so called “peaceful” protests is furthering the divide by encroaching on personal sovereignty. The votes have been cast and counted, and Donald Trump is the President of the United States, and their protests, however important to them, will only negatively impact others, and not impact the election.


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