Theatre Program Begins Work on “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”


Liz Keller

By Anna Geohegan ’17, Contributor

This October, the Country Day Theatre Program will be presenting A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a classic and well-known play by William Shakespeare, outdoors in the Carey Family Amphitheater. This play is featured around three main stories. Firstly, the story of Hermia, who is in reciprocated love with Lysander. However, Demetrius, a man whom Hermia’s father Egeus deems a better suitor, is in love with Hermia but is loved by Helena. Egeus enlists the help of Theseus, the Duke, to force Hermia into marrying Demetrius. Confronted by her father’s demands, she runs away with Lysander, into the forest where the next story unfolds. The forest is inhabited by the King and Queen of the fairies, Oberon and Titania. They’re locked in a dispute over a boy Titania has adopted. Oberon is jealous of the boy because he’s suspicious Titania loves the boy more than she loves him. He enlists the help of Puck to make sure Titania loves him by instructing Puck to use a love potion on Titania, so that when she wakes the first person she sees will be Oberon, which will renew their love. Titania, however, isn’t the only one that is given the love potion, which further complicates the show and makes it more entertaining. The final story revolves around a production of “Pyramus and Thisbe,” a show that is to be performed to Theseus (the Duke) at his wedding.  Puck mischievously casts a spell on Nick Bottom that makes his head turn into the head of a donkey, making the entire storyline even more perplexing but extremely amusing. In an attempt to put a spin on this classic play, the Theatre Program has decided to give this play a makeover, deciding on a 70s London punk vibe. Dates for this show are the 13th, 14th, and 15th of October, 2016. The cast, crew, and directors of the program are very excited about the production and encourage people of all ages to come watch, laugh, and enjoy the show with us!


The Cast

Theseus-Stephen Fatuzzo ’19

Hippolyta-Jordan Lutz ’17

Egeus-Thomas Retzois ’18

Lysander- Mickey Masterson ’17

Demetrius-Sam Jaccaci ’19

Hermia- Annabel Forman ’19

Helena- Maggie Miller ’17

Oberon-  Braydon Benedum ’18

Puck- Anna Beyette ’17

Titania- Ava Keller ’19

Peaseblossom- Madeleine Morales ’18

Cobweb- Anthony Wang ’19

Moth- Helen Kovach ’19

Mustardseed- Elena Hamall ’20

Nick Bottom- Nick Jaccaci ’18

Quince-  Nellie Shih ’19

Snug- Dom Doane ’17

Robin Starveling- Maxwell Folan ’19

Francis Flute- Nick Nguyen ’19

Tom Snout-  Spencer McMaster ’19


Tech Crew

Production Stage Manager-Jeremiah May ’17

Assistant Stage Managers- Elliott Murley ’18 , Renee Twyford ’20

Sound Designer-Liz Keller ’17

Assistant Sound Designer-Ben Stacy ’20

Mics-Jake Seide ’18

Lighting Designer-Alexander Kourie-Frias ’18

Assistant Lighting Designer-Colin Vaughan ’20

Student Costume Designer-Alexia Otchere ’20

Make Up and Hair Designer-Erica Glosby ’17

Props Designer-Emmy Morgan ’18

Props Crew-Amber Li ’19, Emily Ray ’18

Building Crew Head-Trevor Puckett ’19

Stage and Building Crew Assistant-Kaylin Hoffman ’17

Stage and Building Crew-Alex Arnold  ’20, Andrew Arnold ’20, Austin Grewell ’20, Jaecar Ly ’20, and Frank Weston ’19