Best Masks for School

Rose Joffe, Editor, '21

Best Masks to Wear to School

As schools across the country re-open after months of online learning, both students and teachers both don new accessories- face masks. Face masks, meant to protect from the transmission of Covid-19, are now essential to everyday life. Here are the five highest-ranked masks to wear to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

1-Athleta-Every Day Non-Medical Mask

Athleta masks, which are sold for $30 in packs of 5, are both affordable and dependable. Although the metal wire is difficult to adjust, these masks are very breathable and come highly recommended not only on Athleta’s website, but also on Country Day’s campus, where they are worn by many students. Athleta’s masks come in neutral colors and even camo, making them easy to match to any outfit.

2-Gap-Family Unisex Face Masks

The Gap’s face masks, affordable and efficient, are sold in packs of eight for $36. Not only are these masks conveniently priced, but they also come in multiple colorful designs and are given four out of five stars. These masks come in both child and adult sizes.


Nxtstop, a brand which sells merchandise with bamboo infused-fabric, sells masks that range in price from 10-24 dollars. Although Nxtstop’s masks are on the more expensive side, they are very breathable and worth the price. Nxtstop masks come recommended by Oprah, Vogue, and Health Magazine. These masks, made with 95% bamboo, are biodegradable and good for the environment.

4-MDacne- Anti-Acne Face Mask

With wearing a mask for an extended period of time comes skin irritation. MDacne’s masks seek to prevent not only Covid, but also the acne that can result from wearing a mask. The masks, which are sold in packs of three for $25, come highly recommended with a five star rating. With MDacne’s mask, you can help stop the spread while also protecting your skin from breakouts.

5-Everlane 100% Human Masks

Everlane’s 100% human masks, made of 100% cotton, are sold in packs of five for $25. The masks, which are sold in different colors of tye-dye, are both colorful and affordable. The 100% Human Campaign, launched by Everlane in 2017, donates 10% of profits to the ACLU to help aid the fight for human rights. By wearing Everlane’s masks, you will not only be protecting yourself and those around you, but you will also be helping a greater cause!

Please wear a mask and practice social distancing to do your part and stop spread of Covid-19!