Q&A with Lower School Head Mike Morawski


Bella Photographics

Rose Joffe, Editor, '21

Q: Why did Cincinnati Country Day appeal to you?

A: Upon my first connection with Country Day during a Zoom interview in early February to my time on campus to-date, I am continually impressed by the passion, commitment, engagement and deep love of this community by everyone I have met thus far and the array of opportunity this community affords the students we serve.


Q: What is your favorite spot in the Lower School?

A: I cannot pick just one.  Since my arrival on campus, I have enjoyed thoroughly a nap a the Neil K. Bortz Early Childhood Center, a contemplative seat on the Bortz Risers in the beautiful Niehoff Commons, wandering the outdoors of this pastoral campus, greeting our animal friends at the 7125 House, and a quick swim in Leonard Athletic Center pool.  Feel free to check out this video of my first days on campus.


Q: What inspired you to become an administrator?

A: I love to serve!  I loved to serve in the classroom as a teacher, and now, serving students, faculty, staff, and families at the administrative level.  This provides a wonderful opportunity to work collaboratively toward making our school the most ideal place for the sake of our students and their growth and development as young people.


Q: How do you like Cincinnati and how does it compare to Michigan?

A: I am loving Cincinnati from the downtown areas and the OTR to hot spots like Hyde Park to the adorable towns and villages like Indian Hill that surround the city.


Q: How have you been keeping yourself occupied during quarantine?

A: Besides my keen focus on plans to make this school year a fantastic one for our families despite the global pandemic, I have been enjoying some great books both fiction and non-fiction including our Lower School summer read entitled The Upside of Stress:  Why Stress is Good for You and How to Get Good at It.  Appropriate for the times? Yes.


Q: What advice would you give to lower school parents about going back to school this year in a pandemic?

A: We will keep the safety, health, and social emotional well-being of your children at the forefront of our minds while supporting their academic progress in what will be a new and unique year.  Thanks to the incredible planning of our lower school faculty task forces we stand ready to support a robust Country Day educational program focused on the whole child whether on-campus or remote.  Finally, may we all show amazing flexibility and grace as we continue to navigate these extraordinary times.


Q: Have you tried any Cincinnati favorites like Skyline Chili, Graeter’s Ice Cream or Montgomery Inn Ribs?

A: Yes, yes, and yes!  I have enjoyed each of these delicious Cincinnati treats that were given to me in a gift basket from some of the Lower School Faculty and Staff.  Each unique and incredibly tasty!  Skyline, in particular, took me by surprise in my first bite – a powerful flavor indeed.   I look forward to visiting each location in person.


Q: What are some traditions from your old school that you would like to bring to Country Day?

A: At my previous school, we hosted an annual Open House with the highlight being our “student ambassadors” who toured prospective families through the school showcasing the programs.  Who better to share the Country Day experience than our older lower school students, many of whom have lived the amazing educational experience beginning in our early childhood program.


Q: Do you have any interesting hobbies?

I have run 10 marathons including four Boston Marathons, which have been a thrill to be sure.  I have run Chicago, Detroit and New York as well.  I also enjoy fishing, golfing, tennis, and really any sport/activity.


A: What is your favorite thing about working with children?

Their unbridled enthusiasm, joy and energy – it’s contagious and children make me smile every day!