Interview with EDI Board Member Ray Mitchell


Shiva Shyam, Contributor '26

November, the month of gratitude and appreciation, serves as a reminder of the value of honoring the CCDS community and all that it accomplishes. In addition, November is Native American Heritage Month! To honor this occasion and to express my gratitude toward special members of our community, I met with Ray Mitchell, one of three EDI board members.

Shiva: First of all, how long have you been on the council and when did you become a board member?

Ray: This is my third year on the council. I started off as a freshman and have been doing it since then. This is my first year being a board member.

Shiva: What does EDI as a whole do?

Ray: EDI is a council that spreads awareness about diversity and about issues within our community that we can change. In addition, EDI helps spread and bring more diversity to the CCDS community.

Shiva: Why did you join EDI?

Ray: I joined the EDI council mainly because I have always been an advocate for social justice and equality. I vividly remember stating on my application that I am three things that America hates; I am black, I am gay, and I am a woman. This inspired me to start speaking out about my experiences, and EDI gave me an outlet for that.

Shiva: As a board member, what do you do?

Ray: I supervise and am the leader of the communications section; I control the EDI Instagram page, and I oversee and come up with ideas to present about during Keeler time. In addition, I am in touch with outside people who might want to come and present to the school.

Shiva: What are some of the projects that EDI has helped create that resonate with you?

Ray: I’m definitely proud of the mural that we did for Black History Month last year; I think it has been moved to the Lower School now.  In addition, the Hispanic Heritage Month bake sale earlier this year was a huge success! I was very shocked and glad that it went so well.

Shiva: Congratulations! Are there any events that you are looking forward to commemorating as part of EDI?

Ray: Yes; we will be having a Pride month celebration coming up soon! I don’t want to disclose too much, but I am very excited about that.

Shiva: Is EDI planning for Native American Heritage Month?

R: Yes, we are. We are still in the works about it, but we are definitely doing something. We are planning for it to take off soon!

The EDI council is an important part of the CCDS environment. The council executes amazing events throughout each school year, and I, for one, cannot wait to see what this school year will bring.