Why Spring is the Worst Season

Why Spring is the Worst Season

Samantha Brant '19, News Editor

Why Spring is the Worst Season

Samantha Brant ’19, News Editor

Everyone knows that Spring is the season of blooming flowers, the end of hibernation for the bears, and various holidays that involve a lot of food. But not everything about Spring is good and beautiful. In fact, I believe that it is the worst season for quite a few reasons.

The blooming flowers and other such plant paraphernalia in the Spring brings with it LOTS of pollen. Pollen is nobody’s friend. Unless, of course, you are a bee. Or a plant. About 40% of children in the US and 50 million Americans overall suffer from seasonal allergies every Spring. And let me tell you, allergies are the worst. You could take one step outside and for the next hour or two your eyes are watering so much you can’t see, and you go through an entire tissue box blowing your nose. These allergies interrupt some of the best things about having nice weather. For example, driving with your windows down. One second, you’re as happy as a clam, soaking up the sunshine, and the next, you can barely breathe, can’t see out of one eye and you’re trying desperately to keep driving in a straight line while sneezing furiously.

Spring signals a time of stress for many high school students. When the snow melts and spring break is over, it is time for exams. Regular exams and AP exams. Both awful. Spring is also the time when teachers attempt to cram an entire semester’s worth of knowledge and papers and tests into the last month or two of school. So that’s fun.

Lastly, the weather in Spring in unnecessarily unpredictable. Especially so in Cincinnati, because everyone knows that Cincinnati weather is crazy. In the course of one week, you could have temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit, massive thunderstorms, potential flooding, and temperatures as high as 75 or 80 degrees. So, say you have a Jeep. And it’s 80 degrees so you take out your doors and take off the top, all prepared for a nice ride. But suddenly, the temperature drops 40 degrees and you have an hour drive. Yes, this has happened.

I hope you now understand why Spring is not truly the ethereal season of beauty and rebirth, but a hidden monster lying between Winter and Summer.




Mia Lutz