Scroll Poll March 2019


David Morales '20, Contributor

Scroll Poll March 2019

David Morales ’20, Contributor


The most recent edition of the Scroll Poll didn’t have as many responders as previously. In addition to this I made a mistake on the fourth question which resulted in the right answer not being there. But let’s get to the results…

How many people think cereal is a soup? Evidently, not many. Only 9% of the responses said cereal was a soup while 91% of the responses said cereal was not a soup. I wasn’t expecting there to be such a strong response, but I guess many of you would shudder at milk being called a broth!

The next question I had was whether or not people were going out of town for spring break. 84% of the responses said they were going out of town over spring break and only 16% of respondents are staying in Cincinnati. I knew people went out of town but not that many people (but I bet if I asked where they went many of the responses would be to Florida).

The third question was whether or not zoos were unethical. 67% of respondents thought that zoos weren’t unethical while 33% of respondents thought they were. On one hand animals in zoos live longer but on the other hand who’d want to live a few extra years trapped in a relatively-small enclosure?

Now the 4th question is where I made a mistake. I meant to put the correct answer, Horatio Magellan Crunch, in the last slot but I must have accidentally deleted it before sending it. Regardless, 56% of responders thought that Mr. Black was the man on the box. 35% of responders thought it was Ferdinand Vespucci Crunch and the remaining 9% thought the name of Captain Crunch was Josiah Micah Thibodeaux. I apologize for my mistake and to make it up to you I’ll give you an additional piece of Captain Crunch trivia: the name of Captain Crunch’s boat is the S.S. Guppy.

Finally, I wished to know people’s opinions on CCDX week. Many people had no problems with it either because they were excited to learn something new or just were happy to not have classes. Other people weren’t happy because teachers gave them additional work, it subtracts from class time, or some thought people just wouldn’t take it seriously and see it as a week to slack off. I think it has its advantages and disadvantages, but I won’t make a final verdict on it until it’s over.

This concludes this Scroll Poll report. I hope y’all enjoy CCDX week and have a fabulous spring break!