Scroll Poll: New Years’ Resolutions 2019

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Abby Smith, '20

This rotation’s Scroll Poll was all about the New Year—namely, New Years’ Resolutions. Out of the 63 responders, 46 made a resolution: that’s 73%.

The most common category for resolutions was school (30%). The second most common was exercise (27%), followed by food (9.5%), friends (7.9%), and family (3.2%). However, my rather uncreative, limited categories didn’t account for the other 22% of responses, under “other.”

The good news is over half of us (52%) are sticking to our resolutions! 33% of us might be, while 14% of us haven’t. 45% believe they can stick to their resolution even after January ends, while 29% might stick to it. The remaining 26% predict they’ll give up by the end of the month. But on the bright side, this survey reflects better results than most Americans when it comes to sticking to New Years’ Resolutions.

Lastly, we rated the year 3.37/5 stars so far. Not bad considering it’s the middle of January, but let’s make this a good year!