Best Recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner

Best Recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner

Gauri Midha, Lifestyles Editor

Best Recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner

Gauri Midha, Lifestyle Editor, ‘21


Thanksgiving. What is really for? To spend time with family, or to eat as much food as you possibly can. I know that my favorite part is stuffing myself until I can’t eat anything else. Here are a couple recipes to make sure that what you stuff yourself with is the best.

Pumpkin pie is one of the best and most popular Thanksgiving desserts. What is better than ending the exhausting evening of constantly talking to family with some delicious pie? You can never go wrong with having this sweet dessert on the menu. Here is a simple recipe to get that sweet taste in your mouth.



In my opinion mashed potatoes are the best thing sitting on the table at Thanksgiving. Nothing can beat potatoes with butter. This is a simple and easy dish to make that will definitely be finished by the end of the evening. This recipe will sure give you that cream taste.



Another potato dish that everyone loves is sweet potato casserole. This is a great way to get your vegetables in while eating a sweet and delicious dish. Some recipes can call for marshmallows but if you are looking for a recipe that can give you the amazing taste without the stickiness then here is a recipe for you.


For some people stuffing is the best thing sitting on the table at Thanksgiving. For others it is the worst. Stuffing is usually bread with some vegetables and spices. It is hard to see what is so delicious about it but if you do like it and would like to make stuffing this Thanksgiving, this is a good recipe to follow.




For me, the only thing I look forward to on Thanksgiving (besides family) is getting to eat apple pie. What is better than a sweet soft and cinnamony inside with a delicious crispy crust on the outside? This recipe calls for pre-made crust so it is simple easy to make. I have personally used this recipe and can guarantee that it will give you the taste in your mouth that you are currently craving.