Scroll Poll II


Rutgers University

David Morales '20

Scroll Poll Results

The second edition of the Scroll Poll grew slightly in its responders—that’s right, 84 people respond which is one more than last time! As incredible as that is here are the results for the second Scroll Poll…

Thanksgiving Plans

The first question asked how people planned to spend Thanksgiving. 54% of the responders are staying at home and seeing their extended family, 24% of the responders are going out of town, 20% of the responders are at home with their immediate family, and there are two Black Friday warriors huddling for warmth outside the mall.




What you change about the Upper School?

The next question was about the CCDS Upper School and what you guys would change if you could change anything. Most of the responders said they’d change the phone rule, either getting rid of it or expanding the areas in which they could use their phones. Other people wanted there to be less homework for students and fewer assignments stacked together before a break. Some wished their was more school spirit, and there was one long paragraph submitted on changing the dresscode. Finally, people want the school to be a little more inviting, whether that means less bullying or the proposed idea of a decorating committee for the school.

How many ants for every human on earth?

The fourth question asked how many ants there are for every human being. The correct answer was 1.6 million. Both 30.8 million and 1.6 million each got 42% of the voting respectively. 13% of people thought it was 43,764 ants and 4% of responders thought it was 283 ants per person.

Did you attend the US play Blithe Spirit?

The final question asked whether or not you attended the US play Blithe Spirit. 64% of the respondents did attend the play and the other 36% did not attend the play.


This concludes the second Scroll Poll. I hope y’all had a good time taking it and the next one will be coming out after Thanksgiving break.