Why Politics Cannot Stay at Home



Gauri Midha '21, Lifestyle Editor

Politics is a crucial part of life today. Everyone has opinions and beliefs about the many important issues discussed both in the news and on social media. But whose opinions does one possess, their own or their family’s? Politics is everywhere, it is inevitable that one is exposed to it one way or another.

Thoughts need to be expressed. Different opinions make our community diverse, and are make a community whole. It shows people something different than they are used to. At home one is only exposed to one perspective, creating a closed minded person who isn’t a good fit for a diverse community. If politics stays at home then we all become individuals. People become trapped in their own bubble which fails when they leave high school and go into the real world.

Sharing politics gives people another perspective. One that isn’t spoon fed to them by their parents. It exposes someone to why they have these opinions and why they should be passionate about something. Talking about politics can give people something to believe in, something they can change the world with. The world is constantly changing its views. Things that were considered weird and different 50 years ago are now considered good. If we only listen to the people at home who still have those 50 year old opinions then how can the world change. How can we make a difference in the world if we aren’t passionate about our own opinions?

Politics must be talked about. People start voting when they are 18 years old, and are usually still in high school living at home. If they are only familiar with the perspective of the people in their home life then why vote if its someone else’s opinion. They need to learn other views so that they can consider the sides and form a strong opinion. Every vote makes a difference. If someone votes for something they don’t fully understand then they are making a harmful impact on the country and the people in it.

This world needs to change. What better way to do so, than by being passionate. People need to outwardly express political views to make a difference in the world. This generation has been taking amazing strides by expressing our opinions and moving the world around them. This could not be possible if one is trapped in the small hole of a single perspective. People’s lives can only be moved if we aren’t afraid to speak out and show our opinions.