Scroll Poll Results


In the first Scroll Poll 83 people responded to the questions and this is what we found…

From the first question about 75% or 62 of the responses said that a hotdog wasn’t a sandwich. The other 25% (21 of the responses) said that they were sandwiches.

The next question was about favorite snack at CCDS. Almost half of the voters (38 of them) claimed that Oreos were their favorite snack at CCDS. The second favorite snack was bagels with 13 responses. Popcorn and Pretzels each had 8 responses. Seven people chose the snack mix and five chose fruit as their favorite snack. Finally, Nutrigrain bars came in last with 4 votes. So, from the results we can conclude that they should put away Nutrigrain bars and start rolling out the Oreos more often.

The next question was more serious, discussing what the biggest issue in your community is. Results were all over the board from what communities people spoke about, to the responses. Communities ranged from Cincinnati to neighborhoods to CCDS. Responses went from “I don’t see any issues” to long winded paragraphs about how to make our dress code better as well as discrimination and insensitivity issues. There were a few common themes among the answers. One was racial discrimination and the discrimination of those who are different. Another was depression and workload at the school. Some people thought lack of school spirit was a big issue. Another one was littering and food waste both at the school and outside CCDS. Some were loneliness and people being made fun of too much. And as always, politics and the lack of being able to civilly discuss politics.

The next question is a tricky one. I found out that depending on the source the number of countries varies. I used the first one that popped up which happened to be the number of countries recognized by the UN which is 195. This is the right answer to this one but here are some other numbers. If you use countries with partial recognition from the UN there are 201 countries, if you use Olympic nations there are 206; If you use FIFA world cup countries there are 211; If you use De Facto Sovereign states (self-declared) there are 204-207. So, you learn something new every day.

Finally, the fifth question was who had attended Mr. Tracey-Miller’s speaker series on Sundays. The results were predictable with 72% of people saying they didn’t know he did that, 22% said they hadn’t been, and 6% said they went to at least one. I went to one where they interviewed Mr. Black and it was interesting. I encourage you guys to try and go to one even if its just 20 minutes you might end up staying longer.
So that concludes the first Scroll Poll I hope you guys enjoyed the survey and I will be sending out a second one soon.