DIY Halloween Costumes

Julia Recker, Contributor

DIY Halloween Costumes

Julia Recker ’22, Contributor


As we grow up, Halloween becomes less of a crazy exciting day, and more of just another day with a lot of candy. As a kid, Halloween costumes are planned months in advance, but now they are the last thing we think about. However, dressing up can still be fun as we get older. In this article you will find a list of Halloween costumes that are easy and fun to bring back the spirit of Halloween.

Mannequin head costume: This costume is sure the make people laugh and is one of the easiest to recreate. All you need to make it is a large sweatshirt and a foam mannequin head. You can find the mannequin head on amazon and use any large sweatshirt around the house. Once you have the materials for the costume, just put the mannequin head in the hood of the sweatshirt on top of your head and your costume is ready for Halloween!

Ghost costume: If you have gotten to the point where you have no clue what to be, this costume is just for you. Grab an old sheet and cut holes for your eyes and mouth. Drape the sheet over yourself and there you have the worlds easiest and most basic Halloween costume that everyone will understand.  


I ain’t get no sleep cause of y’all meme costume: This costume is hilarious and all you need is materials from around your house. To recreate the costume, grab a bath robe, pajamas, slippers, bandana, and some pots and pans. Once you have everything you need, wrap the bandana around your head, promptly stop around the room banging the pans together singing, “I ain’t get no sleep cause of y’all, y’all not gonna get no sleep cause of me!”

The “animal” costume: This costume is easy and can still bring the fun back into Halloween. All you need is a black shirt, and some black bottoms. Next, grab a pair of animal ears, and if you feel frisky paint on a nose for the animal. There you have your animal costume!


She doesn’t even go here meme costume: Almost everyone knows the famous line from Mean Girls, “She doesn’t even go here.” To recreate this costume, all you need is a blue sweatshirt, sunglasses, and a sign that says she doesn’t even go here. Put up the hood and tie the strings together, then put the sunglasses on. Tape the sign to the front of your sweatshirt, and there you have your meme Halloween costume.

These costumes are easy, and sure to bring fun back into Halloween for everyone!

Happy Halloween!