Why Senior Year is the Absolute Best

Samantha Brant, News Editor

Why Senior Year is Just the Absolute Best (according to people who have been seniors for 1.5 weeks)

Samantha Brant ’19, News Editor

So, it’s the beginning of senior year. You have already taken 2 summer reading tests, a math review test, and written a 3-page (that’s right 3-page!) English paper. But what’s good about senior year? Is it the sports? Senior privileges? College applications (What? No, not those). Well, that’s what I wanted to know, so I asked some seniors what they were most looking forward to in their final year of high school at CCDS and here’s what they told me:

“CCDX Week” – Mary Harten

“Sleeping in second semester.” – Herschel Albert

“English and history electives.” – Molly Briggs

“The senior prank.” – Chloe Webb

“Going to the soccer tournament.” – Sydney Baker

“Peer mentoring.” – Sam Taylor

“Second semester.” – Kayla Boaz

“Senior privileges.” – Olivia Yardley

“Getting into college.” – Nellie Shih

“My senior tennis season.” – Stephen Fatuzzo

“Graduation.” – Jeremy Eller

This stuff all sounds pretty fun! Stay tuned for my follow-up article in the spring on what the seniors’ favorite part of senior year actually was and what they will miss most about Country Day when they head off to college next fall!