Little Shop Won’t Be So Little


Liz Keller

By Renee Twyford ’20, Contibutor

This fall, under a magical moonlit sky, the Country Day Theatre Department and its talented cast and crew delivered a spellbinding production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The light of the moon now turns dark for the winter production of Little Shop of Horrors – the story of a lonely florist and his 6-foot vampire cactus.

The strange plant that changes the fortune of the struggling flower shop also quickly turns Seymour’s life around, once he discovers the plant, Audrey II, only ‘eats’ blood. The plant offers a tempting deal in return for blood: everything Seymour could ever want, including the love of his co-worker Audrey. The moral crisis of the story poses the big question: how far would you go to get what you want?

The musical’s director, Ms. Lisa Bodollo, has previously produced the show, and recalls that her favorite part of the show is “the moment where Seymour picks Audrey up (she died), and he walks towards the plant… And you’re going, ‘What are you doing?!’ But [Audrey’s] last wish was to be eaten by the plant, so she can always be with [Seymour].”

Little Shop is also an encore production for our technical director, Mr. Evan DiTullio, who has ordered the plant puppet and is already constructing the flower shop in his mind. He said that “There will be four stages to the plant’s ‘growth,’ the last of which will be very large and require several cast members to operate.”

With auditions for cast on the 29th and 30th of November, and interviews for technical crew on the 28th, everyone is encouraged to try out. There are roles for every actor, from ensemble to lead, and no shortage of jobs behind the curtain. Don’t miss out on Audrey II’s last meal and see the show in late February!