Double-take: student-celebrity lookalikes

Claire Heinichen

By Claire Heinichen, ’11, Lighter Fare Editor

You’ve seen The Scroll‘s past double-takes with teachers: Mr. Tumolo as Santa (link), Mr. Brownstein as Elliot Gould (link), Dr. Martin as King Leonidas (link).  But what about the students of CCDS? Who are their famous doppelgangers?

Check out these lookalikes and then vote below for the student you think most resembles someone in the Hollywood limelight.

Ricci Snell, ’12, and Taylor Swift:

Ricci Snell and Taylor Swift

Ryan Galloway, ’11, and Tiger Woods:

Ryan Galloway and Tiger Woods

Sara Fitzgerald, ’13, and Snoopy:

Sara Fitzgerald and Snoopy

Steve Martin, ’13, and Steve Martin:

(If you look at the names you can totally see it!)

Steve Martin and Steve Martin... Alright I know this one is a stretch but if you only look at the names you can totally see it!

Nichole Lowe, ’10, and Tia and Tamara Mowry from Sister, Sister:

Nichole Lowe and Tia and Tamera Mowry

Brad Hammoor, ’12, and Ryan Phillippe:

Brad Hammoor and Ryan Phillippe

Wyatt Tiffany, ’11, and Britney Spears (with shaved head):

Wyatt Tiffany and Britney Spears

Corey Tipton, ’10, and Shakira:

Corey Tipton and Shakira

Jayne Caron, ’10, Lindsay Dougan, ’11, and Ashley Walker (contestant from Dartmouth on this year’s Jeopardy College Championship):

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Student photos courtesy of respective students.

Celebrity photos courtesy of, respectively:;;;;;;;;; and