Back-to-School Shopping On a Budget

Back-to-School Shopping On a Budget

Elizabeth Miller

By Hannah Taylor ’15, LifeStyle Section Editor

For some, back-to-school shopping is a chance to buy the new Kate Spade stationary and restock their wardrobes with Gucci and Prada. While this lifestyle has its perks, the rest of us need to be a tad thriftier and consider our options more carefully. But where to start?

For any shopping trip, the thrifty need to have a list of things to buy. Why you ask? To make sure they don’t buy that bedazzled cardigan that, in truth, will never be worn. It’s also a good idea to keep away from the pricey goods. That Marc Jacobs purse you’ve been eyeing that’s on display at Macy’s shouldn’t be in your line of sight at any point in your outing to the mall.

What you should be looking for are some great deals. If you are attracted to those designer brand names check to see if more affordable stores like H&M and Target are doing collaborations. Unbeknownst to some, specific department stores sell marked down merchandise at other locations, such as the Nordstrom Rack. Both options provide true bargains on quality items that can sometimes end up costing you less than $20.

However, there are many inexpensive stores on hand at the mall. Forever 21, Old Navy, American Eagle, and Aeropostale have amazing sales for back-to-school that permit you buy the latest trends and the quality basics for a mere penny. But a good tip to live by is to make sure your pieces are versatile before you buy. If you can style something at least three ways you have a winner; but if not, you are wasting money well spent elsewhere.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to shop online. While you will have to wait patiently for it to arrive, some stores only display certain deals and styles on their website. This opens up a whole new world of sales and bargains right at your fingertips. And be sure to check the price reduction, because shopping is so much sweeter when you see how much you save.