How to Kill Boredom


Melvin Van Cleave, Contributor, '20

The Merriam-Webster defines boredom as “the state of being weary and restless due to a lack of interest.” What an understatement. To me, boredom isn’t a state of being, it’s more like a monster. A monster who patiently creeps until you’ve everything there is to do, and then proceeds to sink its vacuous roots into your skin, clenching your organs, and yanking them around until you do something either new, entertaining, or risky. I scored a 141 on the Boredom Propensity Scale, so maybe I’m a little biased, but this also means I’m all the more experienced in slaying this monster. So, in this article, I will lay out my go-to’s on how to do just that: kill boredom.

First, we’ll start with my least favorite activities, the productive ones…

Build something. Anything from a tree house, skate ramp, tire swing, small bridge, birdhouse, or any home improvements can kill a few hours and leave you with something to enjoy. Pinterest always comes in clutch for creative ideas. Call your dad (or mom) for help, they’re probably bored too.

Redesign your room. Cover those walls with posters of whatever you like (try not to get anything cringe-worthy like a “Saturdays are for the boys” sign). Add some lighting, like a Lava lamp, led lights, candles, salt lamps, etc. Take it a step further with some furniture like a bean bag, bookshelf, cardboard cutout of your favorite person. Rearranging your bed always makes a room feel brand new.

If all this is costing too much, try managing your money. Start by saving up (if you haven’t already). Invest those savings in either: Retirement funds/index funds, for safe but longer-term cash; Stocks for riskier but quicker cash; or Real estate for a really good ROI (if you can afford it). WARNING: managing money has high potential to revive boredom. DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK.


Now some less productive activities:

Post on social media. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook (if your 40) often do the trick. Or start an argument with someone in comments. You could also try being one of those people who constantly posts on their story about trending movements. Or try going somewhere cool like a roof or nature and take a timer picture. Blowing up on TikTok is especially fun, but you need to really put in effort, so try: Landing an insane trick shot: Covering your entire house with post it notes; or Making a giant Rube Goldberg machine. Make sure to use a popular sound and spam hashtags, and if it flops, upload it again.

Get Creative. Try letting out your inner artist by drawing something. Bob Ross gives soul cleansing tutorials. Hang it up if your proud of it, and if not you can give it to someone you secretly hate. You could also learn a song on your favorite instrument and play it for your close family/friends. DON’T play it at social gatherings. Or write a short story for a literary magazine, or an article for your school newspaper, but try not to be meta. Recording a short film on your phone takes up a bunch of time. You can edit it in iMovie or Hitfilm and maybe you’ll be featured in Sundance one day. You could also be that one kid who tries to start their own clothing brand. Design and make a sweatshirt using websites like spreadshirt for cheap, custom made hoodies.

Call someone. Make a friend, sibling, parent, or significant other entertain you (you could try to kill their boredom monster, too). Prank calls also work.

Last but certainly not least, activities for when boredom is just really fighting back. Dig a hole as deep as possible. Microwave a spoon (it doesn’t explode-you’ve been lied to). Make a lego tower as tall as possible. Climb onto your roof. Walk until the sidewalk ends. Sleep outside in a tent (or under the stars if you fear nothing). Explore your attic. Slap a sibling. Go to a restaurant where the waiter cracks the pepper on your salad until you say stop and never say stop. Plant some moss. Set a tennis ball on fire. Play with your hose. Try to remove a brick from your house (bet you can’t). Go to Walmart, get a bike lock, and lock someone else’s bike (You could also lock any building or large item, this should be illegal but it’s not).

There you have it, I hope your boredom is long gone (if not then call me I have 100 more ideas).