Getting Through 4th Quarter

Getting Through 4th Quarter

Jasmine Gonzales '21

The quick solution to getting through four quarter is… there isn’t one. You either can’t or can depending on what type of person you are. At this time the seniors have already decided where they are going and most of them don’t really care about school anymore. Seniors are allowed to get to school late or leave early, meanwhile everyone else has to survive through these next six weeks.

I know a lot of people who are DONE with school and cannot look at another math homework or Spanish test anymore. For me, fourth quarter is where it all goes downhill. My grades aren’t as good as they should be because I’m DONE with this year. It’s spring time which only remind me that I want to go outside and hang out with friends. I usually hang out with them on the weekends, but because of all these assignments I have…I can’t. Spring really remind sme of summer, because the weather is getting warmer and the sun is out earlier (so it doesn’t feel like I got 5 hours of sleep). Coffee helps me, because I need my caffeine. Every day the first thing I say is “I’m dead” because school is exhausting, and I’m only half way there.

Summer break is desperately needed at the moment because I’m ready to relax for three months and not worry about getting up before seven. For the people who are surviving, how? What added more stress was realizing the classes I was taking next year, and how I barely got through this year, and now I have to work extra hard for junior year. It’s tough. I essentially came up with three pieces of advice to get through the last five or six weeks I have left and that is:

  1. Go outside (because it reminds you that summer is almost here)
  2. Taking naps (because your mind needs to rest)
  3. Doing something you enjoy (because it makes you happy)