Sweater Weather



Jasmine Gonzales, Contributor

Well, it’s officially Fall. You know what that means? Sweater weather season! The catch is, we live in Cincinnati, so we can’t really predict what our weather is going to be. One day it’s like 80 degrees and the next it’s in the 50. My point is, you never really can tell what the weather is.. Anyways, you clicked on this article to read about Express sweaters, so enjoy me advertising them. You won’t regret it.

All my friends know that I own a lot of sweaters from, you guessed it, Express. Shocker, I know. And a lot them ask me, why Express? So, here’s my answer.

When I wake up in the morning, and I’m getting dressed, the first thing I ask myself is, “Am I feeling cute or careless today?” Most days I wake up I put on a sweatshirt and pants,  forget to do my hair, walk out the door. Other days, I really want to look presentable, because why not? Express Sweaters are perfect for that.

Most Express sweaters are cute, and others are laid back and casual, which perfectly sets my mood. I feel like you can tell a lot by about person’s mood if you see what they wear. And when I walk into the school I’m not going lie, I get a lot of compliments. And who doesn’t love compliments? Am I right? I could not wash my hair for like three days and put on an Express sweater and people just love my outfit. It’s like a little hack, because people are so focused on your sweater that they don’t even look at your face or hair. It’s great! Not only that, they are soooo comfortable. I could actually sleep in one. It’s the truth.

And yes, some sweaters are fancier than others, which is great. If I’m feeling really cute that day I’ll just take that baby out and BAM! I’m ready to go! No need for earring or make-up, just wear a fancy sweater and you’ll get a ton of compliments, trust me. Now I know what you must be thinking… How expensive are these sweaters? I wouldn’t say they  are overpriced it or anything like that. But what would I know? My parents pay for me. I’m only a teenager, I don’t need to spend my money yet. And I know it looks like I’m just talking to the girls here, but there are also guy sweaters as well. Now boys, I don’t really know your thoughts or feelings on sweaters, but you should definitely check them out, I’m sure if you wear them you will get compliments as well. I think.