Highlights of the Freshman Camp-Out

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Highlights of the Freshman Camp-Out

Nevie Smith '19

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Last Friday was the second annual freshman camp- out. As a Peer Mentor, I was lucky enough to participate in the event with all my mentees, and the rest of their grade. Although there were some rough moments throughout the night, the memories I took away from the experience were amazing! Here are the Peer Mentors’ top five moments from the camp- out:

  1. Going to the football game with all the mentees, full of face paint and baby powder for the white out
  2. Realizing we weren’t going to sleep outside, because of the storm. Seconds later, running to the school with our stuff as fast as possible, and gathering and bonding together in the commons
  3. The Peer Mentor dance party in the library.
  4. Bonding with all the freshman, and really getting to know everyone, not just my mentees.
  5. Going to sleep after an exhausting night!

Overall, I’d say that the camp-out was successful and set up a great year for all the Peer Mentors and their Mentees!