High Hopes for 2016 Swim Season


Hailey Spaeth

By Will Beyreis ’20, Contributor

Country Day has never been known for large sports teams, and the swimming team is no exception. The motley crew of 14 has already competed against New Richmond High School, performing well despite being outnumbered 2-1. In order to garner some information as to the hopes and aspirations of the swim team this year, I decided I would ask the members themselves.

Wandrille Bonniol, ’20 said that he expected, “[their] relay team to go to state again, and for every swimmer to improve their time and try hard in practice.” He paused, then added, “And (for every swimmer) to come to every practice.” (This was possibly a jab in my direction as I had neglected the morning practices that week.) Will Swinton, ’17, has much higher expectations for the team. “I expect us to win state twice. In one year,” said the senior, stone-faced even in the difficulty of such an achievement. Coach Tracy-Miller was the first to note the difficulties involved in not having a pool, saying that he is “excited about [the swimming season], but it’s definitely a tough situation.” Because the pool is currently sans water, (very avant garde) we must travel 30 minutes to and from practice in addition to driving to and from morning practice at 6:00 AM twice a week (mercifully down from thrice weekly earlier in the season.) Coach Marshall said she wanted, “To have a really close team this year.” Per her wishes, camaraderie is not hard to come by on such a small squad, where team members inherently become closer as the season progresses. In conclusion, expect fire in the eyes of the 2016 swim team, as they boldly go where no team has gone before in the pursuit of two state titles in a single season.