Cincinnati Country Day School Awards 2016

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Cincinnati Country Day School Awards 2016

Ruth Kramer

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Here is the list of the Cincinnati Country Day School Awards for the 2016 school year. Congratulations to all of the recipients!

Country Day Mission Awards

Country Day Award                                                 Margaret Hodson

Peter Levinson Memorial Award                            Myles Jackson and Grace Pettengill


Class Scholar Awards

Templeton Briggs Memorial Award                          Samantha Brant/Molly Briggs/Nellie Shih

Alumni Award                                                         Moya Ly and Tony Wen                                                      

Herbert M. Davison Award                                     Kenny Wang and Kevin Yu                                      

Julius Fleischmann Memorial Award            Joe Lou


National Merit

National Hispanic Scholar

Ben Paff

National Merit Commended Students

Trisha Atluri               Ian Hayes                    Sean O’Brien              Kendall Smith            

Maggie Bernish          Sidd Jejurikar             Ben Paff                      Charlie Sukin

George Crowley         Max Luebbers                         Caroline Retzios            J’Quaan Waite

Nathan Grant                                                                        

National Merit Scholarship Finalists

Nathan Albrinck         Margaret Hodson       Cameron Stewart

National Merit Corporate Sponsored Scholarship Recipient

Sam Jenkins

National Merit College Sponsored Scholarship Recipient

Cameron Stewart

National Merit Scholarship Recipient

Joe Lou

Candidate for U.S. Presidential Scholarship

Joe Lou


Cum Laude Society

Class of 2016 inducted in their junior year:

Nathan Albrinck         Nathan Grant                          Caroline Retzios

Trisha Atluri               Ian Hayes

Taylor Boggs              Margaret Hodson                                                                                                      

Class of 2016 inducted this year:

Soham Basu                Joe Lou                       Quinn Petre

Maggie Bernish          Max Luebbers             David Yang

Sam Jenkins                Sean O’Brien

Class of 2017 inducted this year:

Kyle Bannerman         Grace Pettengill         Kenneth Wang

Elizabeth Keller          Hailey Spaeth             Kevin Yu

Nicholas Krammer     



Clement L. Buenger FISC Award                            Kayla Chisholm



David E. Laird Computer Science Award               Moya Ly

Robinson-Bye Award in English                             Margaret Hodson

Indian Hill Historical Society Outstanding

Achievement in American History Award               Anna Beyette

Lee S. Pattison History Award                                Taylor Boggs and Sean O’Brien

Ash Mathematics Award                                          Joe Lou

Martha W. Burton Award for French                      Nathan Grant

Spanish Award                                                         Margaret Hodson

Bausch & Lomb Science Award                              Kenny Wang

Gordon R. Wright Science Award                           Joe Lou


Fine Arts

Drama Award                                                          Teja Atluri

Music Award – Vocal                                               Taylor Boggs

Music Award – Band                                               AJ Rowe

Visual Arts Award                                                   Kathryn Burress

Messer Award                                                          Erica Glosby

William H. Chatfield Award                                   JC Vogt


Service and Community Awards

Tony Strauss Service Learning Award                    Nathan Grant

Fred Carey Memorial Award                                  Haven Watson



Outstanding Female Underclassman                      Clarissa Conner

Outstanding Male Underclassman                          Corey Lancaster

James A. Wright Sportsmanship Awards                 Katie Jamison and J’Quaan Waite

Letterman Leadership Awards                               Sean O’Brien and Haven Watson

Shirley Heinichen Outstanding Female Athlete     Missy Dieckman-Meyer

David McDaniel Outstanding Male Athlete           Darryn Jordan



Joseph F. Hofmeister Scroll Award                        Margaret Hodson

Archive Award                                                       Taylor Boggs, Skylar Boggs, Josie Rutherford

InWords Award                                                        Margaret Hodson and Emma Robitaille

Patterson Prize for Poetry                                      Ben Paff

Patterson Prize for Prose                                        Nicholas Krammer

Thomas D. Gettler ’76 Creative Writing Award     Emma Robitaille