Track Team Finishes Outstanding Season

Track Team Finishes Outstanding Season

Jessica Lang

By Jessica Lang ’18, Sports Section Editor

The varsity track team just wrapped up the 2016 season, one filled with amazing performances. In the recent OHSAA district tournament, the boys team scored 1st place out of all the teams, and the girls achieved 2nd. The boys and girls earned 1st and 2nd place, respectively, in the MVC Championships. In regionals, the boys 4×100 relay broke the school record and will be moving on to the state championship. The team also excelled in other meets, earning top spots.

Magnificent performances from districts include senior Darryn Jordan in 1st place with 11.37 seconds for the 100 meter dash, Rodney Bethea ’16 in 1st for discus with 110-06 feet, Kamal Apatira ’16 in 1st with 20-04 feet for long jump, Blake Adkins ’18 in 1st with 11-06 feet for pole vault, sophomore Lorae Stojanovic in 1st with 18.57 for the 100 meter hurdles, and junior Grace Pettengill in 1st with 2:32.06 for the 800 meter run.

Some spotlight performances from districts include senior Douglas Barnett in 1st with 44.03 seconds for the 300 meter hurdles; Myles Jackson ’17 , Justin Ramey ’17 , Blake Adkins ’18, and Jalen Mundy ’17 in 2nd with 1:35.54 for the 4×200 meter relay; Haven Watson ’16 n 1st with 16-03 ft in long jump; Abby Bryant ’16 and Clarissa Conner ’18 tied for 2nd with 7-06 feet in pole vault; and Tiara Atwater ’16 in 2nd with 30-01 feet in shot put.

The athletes have put in relentless and persistent work, shaping their incredible skills, whether on the track or on the field. The team is the biggest it has ever been in Country Day history, with talented returning athletes and new faces eager to join the scene. Strong senior leadership and the closeness of the team combined with top-notch coaching from Coach Conner, Coach Wright, Coach Black, Coach Cote, Coach Elfers, and Coach Waite were the foundation of the team. The wrapping up of the season, one of fun and marvelous achievements, provokes a feeling of joy. Stojanovic, remarks, “The coaches were all so awesome and I had a great time at the meets. I could definitely feel the team comradery.” There is also sadness as the team says goodbye to its wonderful and charismatic seniors: Haven Watson, Tiara Atwater, Abby Bryant, Katie Jamison, Kendall Smith, Darryn Jordan, Doug Barnett, Kamal Apatira, J’Quaan Waite, Schuyler Snell, Max Luebbers, Marius Lancaster, Jonah Ice, Ian Hayes, Cooper Ebersbach, and Rodney Bethea. However, there is no doubt that next year’s team will be as extraordinary. The 4×100 men’s relay will move on to the state tournament on June 3rd at Ohio State University.