How to Have a Super-Fun Spring Break Staycation


Maddie Morales

By Madeleine Morales ’18, Lifestyle Editor
Not going anywhere for Spring Break? No problem! From the zoo to your room, there is plenty to do. Your friends may be busy far away from you, vacationing exotic places. Do not let this make you feel badly for just staying home—it may be a blessing in disguise.

Our final quarter is full of papers, exams, AP, and the intruiging feeling of summer. It is time to buckle down and finish strong; a new perspective can bring a fresh attitude and goad you to work hard until summer. A room renovation can neaten your life. Organizing the cluttered desk filled with miscellaneous papers, you may find comfort in cleansing your work space before the toughest part of our year: finals.
Even if you cannot tan in our capricious Ohio weather, go outside. Taking a jog or walking around the outdoor outlets is a good way to escape your “cave,” as my family would say. A few days of cooped up Netflixing under your blankies seems great until you go for dinner and your eyes need to adjust to the lightening in the kitchen. Going outside not only improves you Vitamin D levels, it also shocks our parents’ generation.
Cincinnati is small, but within our little city lies opportunities for fun day trips. When warm, I like to go kayaking with my friends at River Edge Kayaking or Loveland Canoe and Kayak. Family activities may not sound so alluring but I like to take my little sister to the zoo. Both of these require rides and a small sum of money but they will be good memories. On our chillier days, dinners with friends at new restaurants is lots of fun: food and people you hold close to you. Try something new!