Country Day Seniors Share Their Sports Memories


Adam Peng

By Adam Peng ’17, Sports Editor

For Senior Country Day students, their high school sports career has almost become a symbol of their high school life. Stories with their teammates and coaches, no matter best friends or rivals, become one of the best memories in the journey of their life. Ian Hayes ’16, Douglass Barnett ’16, Margaret Hodson ’16, and George Crowley ’16 shared some of their best sport memories with me.

Hayes, who played a number of schools from senior year shared his story. “I played football during freshman and sophomore year.” said Hayes. “I remember it was during sophomore year, I played for JV football, in a match, Schuyler got a touchdown after the bell rang, and the ref threw his flag. After that, he got a tackle and said to the ref ‘Are you throwing your flag again this time?’ The ref threw his flag again. Now that when we look back, it becomes a really interesting story.”

Hayes, who also exceeded in wrestling and track talked about what he will miss the most about his sport career in country day, Hayes said, “I would say I will just miss the involvement of every students here, basically everything that I will not have in college, the close bonding between players and coaches.”

“I remember one year when I was doing track in spring, we were just kind of dancing instead of actually running on the track.” said Barnett.

Hodson, Co-Captain of the tennis team, spoke of her early experience in high school as part of the team. “When I was a freshmen, the seniors were very good and I played for the JV, I remember the team leader was Caroline Blackburn. It was really nice that the JV team and the Varsity team trained together. We did a lot of fun activities like relays, just bonded the team together.” Said Hodson ’16. he Gordon Wright Tennis Complex, which was built during Hodson’s freshman year also trigger her memories.  “The new courts are just so nice because I started play tennis before high school, and when I was a freshman there were just so much more room for the team to practice.”

Hodson started her gymnastics career in middle school; this is her 6th year doing Country Day gymnastics. She has competed for our Varsity team since freshmen year and is the Captain of the team. “The Senior Night meet was wonderful, and we placed second in that meet. In a separate meet (Seven Hills Quad Meet) we took first place.” said Hodson. “Also, just this past Saturday we competed in the City Championships. Although we were missing quite a few gymnasts integral to our team, we competed really well and also were able to relax and have fun. Along with Senior Night, City Championships is probably one of my best memories from my four years.”

When Hodson talked about her best moment from the tennis season, she said, “When this year Varsity got our only win in the season against Madeira. Everyone just felt truly happy about it because our hard work finally paid off. That was my best moment.”

As an outstanding swimmer as well as the captain of swimming team, Crowley  also talked about his best moments on the swimming team. “My absolute favorite Country Day athletics moment would have to be making it to state last year in two relays for swimming. I really bonded with all of my teammates over that season, and it was a great feeling of accomplishment. I’ll never forget the friends I made as we worked together to make it to state. That season really helped me mature as an athlete, and as a person. I’ll really miss high school swimming when I go to college, especially the friends I’ve made.”

Life in college may be hard, but your experience not only in sports but anything in our school will make you go farther on the path to success. Go seniors and hope you all have a memorable last year of high school!


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