Workout Wardrobe for Spring


Maddie Morales

By Madeleine Morales ’18, Lifestyle Editor

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Clothing lines will release their newest collections, including fitness stores: Lulu Lemon, Nike, Adidas, and many others. Even though the temperature fails to rise, spring is approaching. Many people become more active in the spring due to warm weather, spring break, a new sports season, and the thrilling approach to summer which sparks motivation.

For shoes, Nike seems to be governing the racks yet again. Their new Flyknits are thin with a good running sole, made from flexible material—perfect for most excursions. I personally love my pair and wear them frequently, as does a figure dominating the hallway: Mrs. Dunn. The only criticism I have for them is when rain or snow is on the ground, the shoes will become wet because of the absorptive material.

Lulu Lemon, per usual, continues to impress with their newest tank tops and sports bras. Comfortable and well-made, products from this company are top-of–the-line. Though expensive, Lulu Lemon’s new tank tops with built-in sports bra support are made from a special material making it odorless for up to six workout sessions. Its geometric patterns add a funky twist to your workout wardrobe. Since the sports bras and tank tops would be costly separately, a good bargain is made by buying the seemingly overpriced tank top for $64.00, but in reality, it is a two and one deal.

Adidas, the haven of comfortable sweatpants. The classic black design with white stripes is timeless, but now there are more options, including new fit and coloring. Perfect for the chilly “spring” weather ahead, Adidas sweats can keep you warm outside.

All three previously mentioned stores have a variety of a girl’s favorite article of clothing: leggings. Lulu is famed for their unique designs and trademark material named Luon, “signature technical fabric designed to handle serious stretch and sweat,” perfect for yoga. Nike’s selection of leggings are more for serious running, jumping, and being your own superhero. Leggings by Nike, more form-fitting and thin, are for activity that is more rigorous. Adidas’ production of leggings is a replica of their sweatpants, only thinner and shorter. This cropped design, like Nike, is suited for more serious exercise. All three brands have more to offer than the products listed above, just their most popular products. In exercise, style is fun but most importantly, you need comfortable clothing that works for you.

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