Hannah Laird, National Competitive Figure Skater


Nathan Albrinck

By Jessie Lang ’18, Contributor

Hannah Laird, a sophomore at Cincinnati Country Day School and one of the top skaters in the United States, has been skating since the age of seven, when she started recreationally. She soon  realized her love for it, and knew it was the sport for her. Of her career, Laird commented, “The Solo Dance Program got me into being competitive. I’ve been doing this series for five years and made it to nationals every time.”  Skaters in the Solo Dance Series compete for the most points, and the top skaters advance  on to the Solo Dance Nationals. In 2015, Laird  competed in the program against other regions in the  Midwest, and achieved the outstanding rank of 4th in the region, out of about 60 skaters. Placing within the top six, Laird advanced to Nationals in Lansing, Michigan,  where she skillfully danced her way to  5th place in the entire country at her skating level.  Hannah’s talent and spirit show on the ice, where she dance-skates and free skates gracefully. Laird competes from March until September, while  October to February is show season.

When asked what her favorite thing about skating is, Laird replied, “It’s a unique sport, and not too many people do it.” Her passion for the sport and her diligence in  practice make her one of the fiercest skaters  out there. About the competition experience, she commented, “You get better the more you do so I try to do as many [competitions] as possible. I really like it. It’s a very competitive atmosphere, and you make a lot of friends. It’s a lot of fun.” Although skating is not a team sport, she has plenty of opportunities to form close bonds with other skaters through competitions and her skating club . She also has many skating role models. “People at my club inspire me and motivate me to work harder and be as good as they are. Also, skaters you see on TV.”

Laird is looking forward to competition season this coming March. About her goals, she says, “I’m going to do the Solo Dance Series again, and I hope to make nationals again, and do better this time. I’ve moved up a level so it’s gonna be a lot harder. But I just want to make it there.” Being the skilled skater she is, there is no doubt she will. Hannah’s love for skating is just one of the factors that contributes to her success and incredible poise  on the ice.