The Fantasy Football Frenzy

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Nathan Albrinck

By Sean O’Brien ’16, Contributor

The end of summer signals many things including the return of school, cold weather and fantasy  football. To some,  fantasy football is just a game. To others, it is a lifestyle. Each week anticipation  builds, culminating in either success or failure. For me, this season has only meant failure. With a 1-5 record , I must admit I’m not very fond of the fantasy sports world at the moment. Even worse,  I just lost to a kid who only knew the names of five pro football players before the season  began. My failure aside,  every fantasy league has the same group of guys, so let me give you the rundown on who those guys are.

The Vet: Jimmy Gardner ’05, Former Country Day Math Teacher. Every league has that person who is elder to the rest. They believe they have all the right assets and then proceed to watch it all fall apart. Often given flack by their younger counterparts, it is not easy to be the Vet.

The Rookie: Charlie Sukin ‘16. The rookie never knows completely what is going on, but somehow the rookie always finds a way to have some success. A random lucky player or two leads to what becomes a winning season. Nothing is more frustrating to the other members  than seeing the rookie succeed. The rookie is a good reminder of the beauty of fantasy sports and the randomness that comes with it.

The Bust: Yes, this is me. After my bold  preseason prediction of an undefeated season, I am already 1-5. The bust exists in every league, and unfortunately this year was it was me. Injuries, failing players, and overall poor decision making characterizes my season of disaster.

The Unlucky One: Nick Sam ’16. There is one person in every league who is simply unlucky. Nick, like many others, has a great team, but he loses close games every week. There must be sympathy for the unlucky one because sometimes the fantasy football gods just aren’t on your side.

The Joker: Justin Baker ’17. Every league has that person who just wants to have a good time. Random players and weird decisions characterize the Joker. The Joker rarely wins, but every league needs one just to mix it up and have some fun.

The Commissioner: Adam Katz ’16. Every league needs a commissioner to set up the league and take care of the administrative needs of the players. Though the commissioner is often ridiculed and harassed for doing a poor job, someone must do the work.

The truth of fantasy football is that it brings a group of people together for a few fun months of the year, and provides them with something to root for. Though it seems I will continue to lose, I will always continue to play fantasy football.


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