Back-to-School Fashion: Be You and Be Bold

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Margaret Hodson

By Maddie Morales ’18, Lifestyle Co-Editor
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Realistically, we all have a limit. The commencement of school calls for a little extra effort in the morning, but how long that lasts is another matter. We reach a point when the academic rigor and dwindling motivation to wake up early numbs the brain. This line we fabricate in our minds is soon crossed as the leaves begin to redden. In other words, we stop trying with our appearance. Hoodies, collared shirts, and jeans soon resurrect from their nooks in the closet where we stashed them last June. I am quite guilty of this, but mask it with quirkiness. My ensembles include loose pants, a multitude of bracelets, and my beloved crocs. For everyone, this is not ideal. We all have our own sense of style, so we should all try and express it in whatever ways we wish. Accessories always can enhance, as details complete a book. Pops of color keep things interesting, especially when you walk around with fluorescent-colored shoes on your feet. A personal favorite of mine are the boys who strut around as if they hopped out of the Vineyard Vines magazine. Their funky-patterned whale shorts never cease to make a statement. Be you and be bold with your choices of clothing this year. Why not? It is another way to express yourself.