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Mexican exchange students expose CCDS students to another culture

Haleigh Miller

June 1, 2010

By Victoria Mairal-Cruz, '12, Contributor Mexican exchange students from the school Escuela Anexa de Atlacomulco in Atlacomulco, Mexico, visited Cincinnati and CCDS from April 26 to May 10 for the fourteenth year of the exchange...

Clark Montessori falls to Kalamazoo in “Race to the Commencement Challenge”

Haleigh Miller

May 18, 2010

By Adriana Ungerleider, ’12, Contributor Clark Montessori, the nation’s first public Montessori high school, along with five other schools from around the nation, was nominated as a semi-finalist in the “Race to...

CCDS expands publicity to social networking sites

Haleigh Miller

May 3, 2010

By Adriana Ungerleider '12, Contributor Named a “Cool School” by WLWT-TV due to its groundbreaking use of technology in the classroom in February 2008,  in the past year, the school has earned status as a technologically...

Investment Club: "Pursuing a passion for investment managing"

Amanda Young

April 28, 2010

By Victoria Mairal-Cruz, '12, Contributor The Investment Club was created at the beginning of this year by freshmen Michael Barton, club president, and Jack Willingham, vice president. When Barton began high school, he “convinced”...

Airplane crash adds to the Polish death toll after Katyn

Haleigh Miller

April 23, 2010

By Nicky Niedermeir '12, Contributor On April 10, 2010, eighty-nine members of Poland’s upper echelon were killed in a tragic plane crash near Smolensk, Russia. Among those counted as casualties were President Lech Kaczynsk...

Odd Couples Dance this weekend

Haleigh Miller

April 22, 2010

By Annie Nesbitt ’13 Contributor Unusual couples consisting of parents and their children will assemble on the dance floor this Saturday April 24 at Livingston Lodge from 8 to 11 p.m. The Odd Couples Dance, a CCDS tradition...

Scheduling brings stress for many Upper School students

Haleigh Miller

April 21, 2010

By Sally Portman '13 Contributor Scheduling season has arrived and students were asked to make decisions on classes for next year. One phrase stuck in the minds of many CCDS students after this year’s scheduling assembly: while...

UGive opens doors to new volunteer opportunities

Haleigh Miller

April 20, 2010

By Sophie Weinstein, ’13, Contributor In the past, students have worried about finding interesting volunteer opportunities, but now with UGive going live at CCDS there’s a vast number of service options available at the click...

Tribal Philanthropic Board focuses on micro-enterprising

Haleigh Miller

April 14, 2010

By Adriana Ungerleider, '12, Contributor Micro-enterprising, grant-writing, service learning, and fund-raising?  Say what? In case you’ve caught a case of ubiquitous spring-break amnesia, the CCDS Tribal Philanthropic board...

For many, college anxiety starts in ninth grade

Amanda Young

April 8, 2010

By Holly Dayton, '13, Contributor While seniors are battling senioritis and juniors are overloaded with work, many freshmen are stressing about their college prospects.  In preparation for their futures, 11 freshmen took th...

Enrollment applications up 15% this year

Amanda Young

April 7, 2010

By Avery Maier, '13, News Editor By Avery Maier, '13, News Editor.  This year, CCDS has received 240 applications for admission, 15% more than this time last year. 140 of the 240 have been accepted. Of the 140 accepted, 60 students...

Some question whether senior year traditions are excessive

Will Portman

March 18, 2010

By Will Portman, ’10, Editor-in-Chief “Remember that line in your yearbook? Seniors rule! And they rule not because they’ve accomplished much, necessarily (aside from surviving to age 18 or so and not dropping out or run...