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Seniors attend medical programs at hospitals, universities, and wilderness camps

Kate Taylor

September 17, 2010

By Alexis Victor '11, Contributor Have you ever found yourself wondering what it’s like to shadow a doctor? Or to study in a wilderness medical course?  This summer four CCDS seniors did just exactly these things. Kathryn...

Students spend summer in foreign language immersion programs

Kathryn Black

September 16, 2010

By Holly Dayton ’13, Contributor From international programs to those right in Ohio’s backyard, some CCDS students spent a full month of their summer practicing and growing more proficient in either French or Spanish. Will...

From songs to summer snowball fights, Timmy Macrae shares his first day at Breakthrough

Kate Taylor

September 8, 2010

By Timmy Macrae ’12, Contributor Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed working at Breakthrough Cincinnati (BTC) this summer. The program’s mission is twofold: “To increase the educational and social opportunities fo...

Heinichen tackles the Outback: summer trip to Australia

Kathryn Black

September 5, 2010

By Claire Heinichen, '11, Lighter Fare Section Editor In July Emily Grupp, '11, and I took a 14 hour journey (with a minor pit stop in Fiji) to Brisbane, Australia, to do community service, see the sights, and have a bit of adventure....

Dayton finds powerful message at the heart of Beck's Restoring Honor rally

Cody Pomeranz

September 3, 2010

By Holly Dayton '13, Contributor Populated by hundreds of thousands of Americans, scores of American flags and infectious patriotism, the National Mall Washington D.C. was a thrilling place to be on August 28, 2010. My mother fi...

Tips for traveling Europe–learn the exchange rate, the dining etiquette, and don't forget to flush!

Kate Taylor

August 29, 2010

By Ali Breneman '11, Contributor In August I went on an amazing 12-day cruise through the Mediterranean with my brothers, Kevin and Nathan, and my parents. We visited the beautiful cities of Barcelona, Nice, Venice, Pompeii, So...

Lindsay Dougan investigates juniors' summer plans

Kate Taylor

June 4, 2010

By Lindsay Dougan, '11, Contributor My Vogue mental image of stiletto-clad New York City women interviewing at top notch firms turned out to be a misleading fantasy. Being sixteen in the 2008 job market consisted of turning ...

VIDEO: What's your favorite type of cookie?

Amanda Young

May 21, 2010


COLUMN: Cincinnati strives to improve economy and transportation with streetcars

Haleigh Miller

May 19, 2010

By Haleigh Miller, '12, News Section Editor On Monday Apr. 19, Cincinnati’s finance committee voted 6-2 to fund the planning process for installing streetcars in the city of Cincinnati. If passed, the streetcars would be a...

COLLEGE ESSAY: Xanni Brown to attend Harvard

Kathryn Black

May 18, 2010

Compiled by Kathryn Black, ’11, The Lens Section Editor and Kate Taylor, ’11, The Lens Editor. This year's seniors have chosen their college destinations, which consist of a prestigious list of colleges and un...

COLLEGE ESSAY: Clint Thomas to attend Elon

Kathryn Black

May 3, 2010

Compiled by Jayne Caron, ’10, former The Lens Section Editor, and Kathryn Black, ’11, The Lens Section Editor The first week of May finds the lockers of many CCDS seniors decorated with posters of the colleg...

COLLEGE ESSAY: Sebastian Koochaki to attend Yale

Kathryn Black

April 28, 2010

Compiled by Kathryn Black, ’11, The Lens Section Editor The last week of April finds the lockers of many CCDS seniors decorated with posters of the college they will be attending. As the long college selection process draws ...