Rainor Tangvald heads to Ithaca in pursuit of film aspirations

Meredith Hritz

By Meredith Hritz, ’10, A&E Editor

Rainor Tangvald, like his fellow CCDS seniors, is off to a great college where he plans to pursue his dream: filmmaking. At Ithaca College Rainor plans to “learn everything there is to know about filmmaking and what it takes to complete [his] own projects.” Ithaca is well known for its film production and business programs, which Rainor plans as his second major. In the film program, students are allowed to work on their own hands-on film projects in their first semester.

Rainor has had a passion for movies, like his favorite Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, since he was young, but he soon realized that his place was not in front of a camera but behind one. Prior to his CCDS experience, he found support from his brothers, who also love filmmaking.

During his time at CCDS, Rainor says, “The photography program along with [Humanities teacher Mr. Paul] Bohart’s presence definitely upped my interest.” His other influences are Drama Director Mark Femia and Rainor’s parents. Also, thanks to former Dean of Students Sarah Walker’s film study class, Rainor has made some contacts in the film industry. While Rainor has developed his love for filmmaking, and made the decision to pursue film as a career, he has found that “everyone seemed to be pretty encouraging about the idea.”

As Rainor leaves the comforting halls of CCDS, he has many goals and dreams for his career when he gets out into the real world. He says, “I want to work on the set of movies, whether I’m directing, writing, or carrying sandbags.” Rainor plans to be passionately involved in every aspect of his career. Hopefully, in about ten years Rainor will be found working diligently “on the set of an indie film,” making movie history. BT