Sally Portman explores fun things to do in Cincinnati this winter

Sophie Weinstein

Sally Portman ’13, Contributor

Looking to escape the winter blues? Here are some fun ideas to spice up your social life throughout the next few months, without even leaving Cincinnati!

No matter the weather, bundle up well and brave the cold downtown at Fountain Square to go ice skating. This clichéd winter activity is so popular for a reason, you are bound to have fun! While standing in line on a cold winter night may not seem ideal, when you are there with a great group of friends you’ll have a blast! The US Bank Ice Rink is open November 23 to February 19 with only a $3 admission and $3 skate rental fee. More information is available on their website:

If ice skating isn’t your thing or if you’re looking for another fun activity, you can always enjoy the outdoors closer to home at a park or trail like Red Bird Hollow, Grand Valley or Ault Park. Spend an hour or an afternoon transcending into the beauty of the nature around you, or just go on an adventure with some friends—even bring your dogs along! Instead of taking a leisurely walk on the path, cut down along the creek in Red Bird Hollow, make your way across the stones and over fallen trees and appreciate the road less traveled.

When the cold winter air becomes too biting, make plans to get out of the cold and into a warm theater to see some of the newest releases. While Milford and Newport never fail to show the box office hits, remember to check out some independent theaters: Mariemont, Kenwood and The Esquire (all conveniently owned by the same people, and regarded as serving the best popcorn in Cincinnati). Or better yet, invite your friends over, cuddle up in piles of blankets, prepare a big bowl of homemade popcorn and put on a marathon of your favorite classics.

Instead of just watching the big games on TV, actually go out and cheer on your favorite teams in person. The Bengals play up until January, so dress warmly and throw on all the black and orange you can find and go enjoy the enthusiasm of the devoted fans around you. Also, as basketball season is starting, grab a friend and go out to a UC or a Xavier game. Stay closer to home and cheer on the CCDS Indians men’s and women’s teams during their season!

From Noodles to Nada, Echo to Embers, Cincinnati has a wonderful variety of restaurants. Make it a goal this winter to hit a new spot each weekend and explore the broad selection available to you. From the tried and true to the novel newcomers, here are some suggestions to keep on your list: It’s Just Crepes, Senate, Flip Daddies, Green Papaya, Zip’s Café, Tom + Chee, Butterbee’s Grille, Hugo and many, many more.

This winter get out and enjoy the countless opportunities Cincinnati has to offer. Try some new activities, test some different restaurants, and make the most of the next few chilly months.

Photo Courtesy of Google Images